How to Track Your POS Transactions on the Merchant Dashboard

Welcome to your Hydrogen merchant dashboard! In this guide, we will show you how to track your POS transactions step-by-step. If you haven't accessed your dashboard yet, please refer to our article on How to access your dashboard.

Step 1: Log In to Your Dashboard

  1. Login: Go to the Hydrogen login page and enter your login credentials. 
  2. Dashboard Overview: Upon logging in, you will see an overview of all your activities as a Hydrogen merchant.


Step 2: Navigate to the Transaction Module

  1. Access the Menu: On the left menu bar of the dashboard, find and click on the Transaction module.
  2. Select POS: A sub-menu will pop out with different product names. Click on POS to navigate to the POS transaction page.


Step 3: Using the Transactions Page Functions

Once on the transactions page, you can utilize several functions to manage and track your transactions efficiently:

1.       Transaction Table


      • Purpose: View and manage transaction details.
      • Display: The table shows 10 transactions per page. Navigate between pages by clicking on the serial numbers on the bottom right corner.

        To see more details of a transaction and to generate transaction receipt, follow the steps below:


        On the Payment Date Column: Click on the underlined date of each transaction to see detailed transaction breakdown.

        Transaction Details:

        Transaction Receipt.png
      • Other Functions of the Transactions Receipt: 
        • Share via email: Enter recipient's email address and click Share Email. A pop-up confirms the email was sent successfully.
        • Download Receipt: Click to download transaction details.
        • Print Receipt: Send transaction details to a printer.
    • Picture15.png

2.       Search Function


  • Purpose: Find specific transactions.
  • How to Use:
    • Enter details such as transaction amount, issuer bank (the bank card used), reference ID, or terminal ID in the search bar.
    • Click on the search icon to execute the search.

3.        Filter Function


  • Purpose: Tailor the transaction view to your needs.
  • How to Use:
    • Choose filter parameters: time, specific amount, range of amounts (set minimum to maximum), issuer bank, and transaction status.
    • Click on the Apply button to filter the transaction table according to your selected parameters. Picture19.png
    • See filter results. Picture20.png
4.        Download Function


  • Purpose: Export transaction data.
  • How to Use:
    • Click on the Download button.
    • Select CSV to download the filtered transactions. Picture21.png
    • Open the downloaded file to view the transaction details.


If you encounter any issues while tracking your transactions, here are some ways to get help:

  1. Chat with Support: Use the chat widget at the bottom right corner of the login page to chat with our support team.
  2. Log a Request: Submit a request through the webform on our support site.
  3. Email Support: Reach out to our support team via email at

By following these steps, you can efficiently track and manage your POS transactions on your Hydrogen merchant dashboard. If you need further assistance, our support team is always here to help.

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